Love in Troubled Times 2

Greetings  –

The world has shifted yet again over these past few days.  The future is unknown, other than that it will be different to what we are used to.  Some of that difference may be for the better – I hope so!  Yet, in change and the uncertainty of lockdown and restrictions, we can feel vulnerable and perhaps alone.

In that light, today I invite you to consider this Celtic practice.  It is called a Caim Prayer, a prayer of protection.  I suggest that you might like to sit somewhere quietly, perhaps light a candle, and take a few deep breaths.  Then using your right hand, draw a circle around yourself.  If you find it difficult literally to do this, see it in your mind’s eye.  See yourself placed inside a circle of protection…

As you continue to sit quietly, call in your source of protection:  God, the Divine, the Source of being.  See a safe space being created around you.  There may be others who you can call upon for support –  a saint with whom you have a special affinity, one of the mystics, a wisdom figure or ancestor. Allow them to stand in the circle with you.

Now include in your circle those you are concerned about, others you wish protection for:  family members, friends, loved ones.  Picture each one drawing close into this embracing circle. 

And then you might like to pray:

Circle (names – me, family etc), Lord
Keep protection near and danger afar; 
Keep hope within and despair without. 
Keep light near and darkness afar. 
Keep peace within and anxiety without. 
The eternal Father, Son & Holy Spirit 
shield (name) on every side.  Amen.

Peace be with you,