Love in Troubled Times 6

You might have noticed that the pause button has been pushed – with few posts on this site over past few weeks. This is because I have started a short term parish role, in Rotorua. Not that I am there yet – like you, perhaps, there is a sense of yes, but not quite yet, as the world around us changes again, and we adjust to shifts in lockdown levels.

As the world around us shifts, and before rushing headlong into life as it was, it could be useful to take another kind of pause. Make a cup of coffee, find a seat in the sun, grab your journal or a piece of paper, and take a reflective pause…

Ask yourself some questions:

  • What did I most miss over the weeks of lockdown?
  • What were the gifts & blessings of that time?
  • What did lockdown teach me about myself and how to live?
  • What would I like to take into the future?
  • What am I going to leave behind?

For me, there is a sense of gratitude for this experience. It has been a time of slow spaciousness where I have found myself content in the small things of life: toadstools in the garden, hands in the soil, at work in the kitchen. It has shown me that I need far less than I thought: fewer possessions, fewer people, fewer activities; and in that less of everything, there has been peace and connectedness. It has, for me, been a blessing.

It will be a challenge to go back into the world of busy-ness and muchness, but I intend to carry the sense of pause with me. For you, the experience may well have been very different, but I hope that it has brought new learnings and a greater embrace of life.

So I invite you to take that pause, pour the coffee, sit in the sun, and ponder… how have these days been for you? And if you wish, leave a comment: share your discoveries, your struggles and your joys.

However this time has been, I wish each of you the ongoing blessings of the sacred, and the willingness to simply pause.


  1. Lesley Bates

    So enjoyed your post Anne, thank you. This time of Lockdown has been such a blessing. Couldn’t have happened at a better time as I was certainly experiencing sighs of Burnout.

    Learning…. not to put so much pressure on myself and take time out to smell the roses in the Esplanade instead.

    Exciting to hear about your calling to Rotorua. You will be such a blessings dear lady, will you and John need to sell up and move?

    God bless you richly in all you do.


    • Anne Chrisp

      Yes, Lesley, smelling the roses is a great alternative to burn out! Amazing how much we push ourselves to do things, which perhaps in the big scheme aren’t so important… I wonder that for myself, anyway.
      As for Rotorua – it is just a short term role – so John continues at home, and I will be back a couple of weekends and then as usual late winter.
      Blessings to you too! Anne

  2. Lucy Hastings

    Anne, thank you for these and the suggestions for reflections much appreciated. May these next couple of months go well

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