Love in Troubled Times 5

Over the past few days, as numbers of new Coronavirus cases decline, and announcements are made about scaling to Level 3, my sense is of a lighter atmosphere. There is increased activity – more advertising in the papers, and more cars going up and down Park Road. While we look towards a world of loosened lockdown, we remain largely at home in a slower pace of life. In this in-between world – with one eye on the future, and one on where we are right now – I wonder what you are noticing?

What are you noticing about yourself as the times shift and change? What feelings rise up? Anticipation or dread? Excitement or trepidation?

The quietening of usual life has brought the opportunity to be more fully present to the world. For some, it may as simple as enjoying the sun, and becoming aware of bird song outside. Others may have gained a new appreciation of home, with the chance to dig the soil and prune roses. Before life urges us on into activity, before we lose that sense of how it is now, and how it has been over the past few weeks, take a moment to observe yourself, and to note what this time has meant for you.

What are you noticing? If you can, take a walk outside today – and just be aware. What gifts are waiting in the world for you right now?

As you go about your day, you might care to be alert for a snapshot of the world. It could be that you literally receive an image on your camera or mobile phone, but just as easily you might allow an image to imprint itself on your mind. Then use that image as a gateway for dialogue with yourself. What does this image tell me about how I am feeling right now? What does it stir up in me? What does it invite me to?

Allow your noticing to become the entry into prayer … a request, carrying the joys and the burdens of our world … or, more simply, thanks.


  1. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for putting these posts together Anne. Love the reflective questions which are often challenging myself as to what I sense God is calling me to do at this present time.

    I’ve been so enjoying taking a break from Social Socks, lighting the load for Giles, connecting with family and friends and having fun in the our new place, particularly outside in these glorious autumn days.

    Blessings and much love to you all


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