The Depth of things

Happy New Year!

While you may feel that you are well into it, back at work or engaged in activity, I’m still away and mulling those questions which come at this time of year. I’m not exactly looking for a resolution for 2021, so much as considering what in me needs to go, and what it is that is wanting to come to birth. Thoughts, which when you think about it, really belong to Christmas.

However, for us this year Christmas was full with people and meals and activities. It did not allow space for the stillness and reflection which is somehow needed when pondering such questions.

So, if you, like me, are feeling a bit rudderless in this new year, find a space to sit with these questions, and allow them time to ferment.

Then, if you wish, get in touch. In spiritual direction, these are the questions we sit with, matters of the heart to be discussed.

You may also be interested in the workshops I am offering this year:

  • Enneagram in February : the option of one of two dates, each covering the same material, on Wednesday February 10 or February 13
  • Dreams, around Matariki
  • Sacred Feminine in September

For more details, get in touch with me directly, or go to the website. If these sound familiar to you – they are! They are advertised in the Spiritual Growth Ministries Programme for 2021, and were scheduled for 2020, but did not happen. With a few tweaks and allowance for future gathering restrictions, they will take place this year.

In whatever unfolds for you this year, whether together or alone, in grief or in joy, may it provide new doorways through which to explore and get a feel for the depth of things.

Blessings of this new year to you.